Sunday 9am

The Gospel according to Saint Mark announces that the Lord the Reigns! Jesus Christ has authority to reorder all Creation . He is working through His Words and Deeds to gather and bless all nations. What Moses and Prophets hoped for Jesus gives and will give.

The End Times

Tuesday 1pm

All have sinned and gone astray, each to His own way. Human rebellion calls evil good and good evil. When the Lord judges the earth, He judges righteously, calling evil evil and good good. He will send evil out of His presence once and for all. This study considers issues of life and death and eternal life, with discussion leading to many things in-between.

Family Trees and Olive Branches

2nd and 4th Tuesday Evenings 6:30pm

Christmas and New Year’s put family relationships center stage, good and bad. We see up close the tensions in our relationships we would like healed and we long for intentional ways to pass Christ-centered traditions on to the generations growing up behind us. FT&OB tackles these very concerns with practical helps for health and healing in our past, our present, and our family’s future.

Bible History

Wednesday 9am

The Crocker Bible Study is reading, marking, learning, and taking to heart the highlights of Bible History. This spring the group will study Jesus’ journey to Jerusalem, His ministry in the Temple, the Last Supper, arrest, trials, crucifixion, and resurrection. The Study meets in member homes.


Thursday 9am

Genesis teaches everything we need to know about God, His perfect orderly intention for the world, the reason His good world is no longer perfect, and what He is doing to correct that very poblem. The Lord remains faithful even when we are faithless.

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