We do not go to worship as we do to some other entertainment. At Faith, we come before the LORD of heaven and earth as repentant sinners. Thus, worship at Faith is joyful yet reverent. 



The Lutheran Reformers were not innovators seeking to create a new church. They wanted to continue in the tradition of the church catholic with worship cleansed from error. Lutherans rejoice in our continuity with the church from the Apostolic age and the faith the church fathers passed down. 



The Church from the beginning has worshipped liturgically. The LORD Himself prescribed the liturgy of the Tabernacle. In the book of Acts, the first Christians in Jerusalem are described as "dedicated to the doctrine of the Apostles, the communion of the breaking of the bread, and the prayers" (Acts 2:42). The early Christians combined the service of the Jewish synagogue (three Scripture readings, Psalms, sermon, and prayers) with the Lord's Supper. This became the basis of the Divine Service, which has two parts, the service of the Word (three Scripture readings, Psalms, sermon, and prayers) and the service of the Sacrament (thanksgiving, Lord's Prayer, Holy Communion). At Faith, we celebrate the Holy Communion every Lord's Day and on other festivals, according to the liturgical settings found in Lutheran Service Book.

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